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Your Future Care Event


The ‘Your Future Care’ consultation set out proposals to provide more care in people’s homes and reduce hospital admissions – particularly for the frail and elderly. The proposals would reduce the need for hospital beds in community hospitals in the Eastern locality. The public consultation was to consider where the remaining beds should be located.

The consultation involved a series of public meetings encouraging members of the public to have their say.

What we did

We attended 14 public meetings but remained impartial throughout the process. We supported the consultation process by being independent note takers.

Our Findings

Your Future Care Observation Report

Read our observation report

There were some common themes to the discussions we heard.  These were:

  • Workforce – people are worried that care workers are not well trained or supported. There were concerns that hospital beds would be closed before care services were ready to fill in
  • Roles and Responsibilities – The dividing line between health services and social care services was not clear to some. There was talk of ‘hand-offs’ between providers, with patients falling through the gaps.
  • Closure of beds vs closure of hospitals – Reducing the number of beds does not mean that hospitals will be closed.  But some feared that bed closures were the thin end of the wedge, and would lead to hospital closures at some future point.
  • Information – There were differences of opinion about the amount of information available. Some thought there was too much, and felt that money was being wasted on unnecessary printing. Others thought that the level of detail showed that plans – and decisions – had already been made. Still others thought that there was not enough information.

Follow Up

Our report was submitted to NEW Devon CCG and featured some recommendations. Read our full report here.

What happens next …

The Clinical Commissioning Group will start making changes to services, based on public feedback, plus considerations of money, workforce, patient safety and more.  Decisions will be announced through 2017, and there will be further consultations on possible change services as well.

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