Young people and mental health films

Mental health is a big issue for young people in Devon.  We know this because young people themselves, in feedback to Healthwatch Devon, consistently say so.

Health service managers also recognise the importance of good mental health for the county’s youth.  Devon’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy aims to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing, particularly in children and young people.

In spite of this, there is still a sense that mental health is difficult to talk about.

We wanted to help young people air the issues, and to express, in their own ways, what mental health, and mental illness mean to them.  These films are designed as a “pick and mix” resource for teachers, youth workers and others to draw on to help prompt discussion with young people.  Health professionals may also find the films a source of useful insights.

“A voice on mental health” gives a short overview of the main issues.

“A teen voice on mental health” showcases ways in which groups of young people chose, through music, animation and performing arts, to express their understanding and experiences of mental health issues.

“Made of rainbows” hears from young people dealing with issues of sexuality and gender identity.

The other films offer comment and opinion from a mix of health professionals and young people under a series of related themes and headings.

For further information about our work with children and young people, please contact Aggie Szpinda our Children and Young People’s Worker, on 01392 248919 ext *180 or email

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