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Feedback from the general public is vital to help managers of health and care services to understand what patients and service users want.

Young people want to have a say too – especially when they are dealing with some of the difficulties of adolescence. It’s not always easy for teenagers to talk about sensitive health topics with parents. And in some rural areas, a visit to the family doctor can also feel a bit daunting.

Our answer is to offer young people a safe space in which to air the health topics that they want to know more about.

Radio Shows

a-g-k-3Our radio shows are planned and presented by young people, and go out on community radio from Barnstaple, Totnes and Exeter.

Topics covered include tobacco, drugs and alcohol; mental health; staying safe on the internet; embarrassing bodies and more. And for each topic, the presenters are joined by health professionals who are there to offer expert – but friendly – advice.

Find out more about each show: Barnstaple | Exeter | Totnes


Our series of short films mainly focus on mental health, as this is always one of the top issues in young people’s feedback to Healthwatch Devon.  The films offer a mix of views from health professionals and from young people themselves, and one, “Made of Rainbows” takes a broad look at wellbeing, linked to sexuality and gender identity.

Young people and mental health

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