Volunteer Training Modules

All of our volunteers must take part in a range of training modules in order to become accredited and join our volunteer teams. Please see below a brief description of each of our volunteer training modules. To make a volunteer application please click here and we will send details of training dates etc.

Module 1(A, B and C): Understanding Healthwatch

Mandatory for all volunteers (credit will be given for prior learning)

A 3 part “taster” course to establish a foundation of understanding of Healthwatch policy and practice (Part A), compliance with data protection and confidentiality (Part B), and equality and diversity legislation (Part C). If you aren’t sure about the roles we offer, please come along to find out more about what we do, and decide from there!

Module 2: Safeguarding

For: Enquiries, Enter and View, and Community Researchers Teams

This course can be taken at your own pace via e-learning.  Initially you will be required to watch some short films to enable awareness of what constitutes a safeguarding issue, followed by a short training course prepared by Devon County Council.

Module 3: Health and Safety

For: Events Team

This 1 hour session enables volunteers to use Healthwatch equipment in a safe manner. Such as: erecting the Healthwatch Devon gazebo and how to avoid slips, trips, falls and unnecessary injuries. This training will be deliveredvia an e- learning course and ‘on the job’.

Module 4: Talking about Healthwatch

For: Events Support, Community Researchers and Community Advocate Teams

This 1 hour session enables volunteers to explain the role and functions of Healthwatch to a wide range of audiences.

Module 5A: Taking Speak Outs

For: Events Support, Enquiries and Community Researchers Teams

A 1 hour session for volunteers to understand and explain the Speak Out process, and enable other individuals to ‘Speak Out’ on health and social care services.

Module 5B: ‘Table Top’ Facilitation

For: Events Support and Community Researchers Teams

A 1 hour session to enable people to support the lead facilitator at engagement events where ‘table top’ exercises are being carried out.  This session will give you an understanding of the basic principles of good facilitation and help people to participate equally.

Module 6: Qualitative Research and Analysis

For: Community Researchers Team

This is day course will enable a greater understanding of qualitative research methodology.  This course help volunteers to perform simple analysis of views of the public and simple interpretation of results.

Module 7: Public Speaking

For: Presentations Team

A 1 day course to enable volunteers to speak at a wide range of events and present Healthwatch in a confident manner.  The course will cover everything from operating a powerpoint presentation to dealing with questions from the audience and signposting.

Module 8: Customer Service

For: Enquiries Team  (optional for other team members)

This is a 1/2 day course to enable individuals to deal with the public in a confident manner, either on the phone or in other administrative settings.  This session will help you deal with potential conflict and be an ambassador of Healthwatch.

Module 9: Information and Signposting

For: Enquiries and Community Researchers Teams

This is a full day course to enable people to give appropriate information during the course of Healthwatch activity.  This will involve helping individuals to navigate the health and social care system as well as conducting interviews and record case studies.

Module 10: Enter and View

For: Enter and View Team

This 1 day course will enable people to receive the appropriate training to carry out Enter and View inspections.  The course will help you understand your role and requirements of the inspection, as well as planning your visits and writing reports.

Module 11: Effective Representation

For: Healthwatch Community Advocates

This is a 1/2 day session to help people effectively advocate Healthwatch’s  interests and the views of users, patients, carers and the wider public in relation to health and social care services.

Module 12: Trustee Induction

For: Healthwatch Devon Trustees

This 1/2 day course is exclusively for Healthwatch Devon trustees to help them to understand their role and enable them to participate fully not only as a board member, but also as a trustee of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

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