Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Healthwatch Devon is your local champion for health and social care.  We ensure that the voices of services users reach the ears of the decision makers, and are taken seriously.

Our vision is better health and social care services through public involvement.

Our mission is to be an independent, influential consumer champion of health and social care services in Devon.

Our guiding principles are:

  • People First. The starting point is always the person with health and social care needs
  • Partnership.  We work with groups, seeking a stronger voice, together
  • Inclusion. We have a particular responsibility for championing the needs of whose are often not heard
  • Critical Friendship. Where service providers excel, we recognise and celebrate.  Where they are struggling, we advise and support.  Where they are failing, we say so.
  • Focus. We cannot do everything, everywhere, all the time.  We will choose the issues that matter most to consumers and where we can make a clear difference.
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