Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Healthwatch Devon is your local champion for health and social care.  We ensure that the voices of services users reach the ears of the decision makers, and are taken seriously.

Our vision is that everyone, everywhere, has the information they need about
the health and social care experience in Devon which is used to
choose, deliver, plan and monitor high quality services

Our mission is to gather, publicise and escalate views about people’s experience of health & social care services in Devon, in order to inform and improve the access to and experience of health and social care.

Our values are:

  • Partnership

    We work with other groups, seeking a stronger voice, together

  • Independent

    We listen to people and represent their views and interests to services.

  • Challenge

    We will ask commissioners and service providers to show how they have acted on the evidence we have given them.

  • Inclusive

    Our starting point is the person with health and social care needs.  We have a particular responsibility for championing the needs of unheard voices.

  • Focused

    We cannot do everything, everywhere, all the time. We will explain how we define our priorities.

  • Integrity

    Our work will be high quality and open to scrutiny.

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