Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STP)

The NHS Five Year Forward View identified the need to address three big challenges in order to meet the health and social care needs of the general public within the budget available. The challenges are closing gaps in health and wellbeing, care and quality and finance and efficiency.

Sustainability & Transformation plans (STP) are umbrella plans that each local health and social care system must carry out and develop in order to meet the challenges of the Five Year Forward View. 

The Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan sets out ambitious plans to improve health and care services for people across Devon in a way that is clinically and financially sustainable.

Health and care organisations as well as local authorities across Devon have been working together to create the shared five-year vision to meet the increasing health and care needs of the population – while ensuring services are sustainable and affordable.

The STP provides the framework within which detailed proposals for how services across Devon will develop – between now and 2020/21. A local digital roadmap, which is aligned with the STP, has also been developed and is here.

A key theme throughout the STP is an increased focus on preventing ill health and promoting peoples’ independence through the provision of more joined up services in or closer to peoples’ homes. Seven priority areas have been identified as key programmes of work:

  • Ill health prevention and early intervention
  • Integrated care model
  • Primary care
  • Mental health and learning disabilities
  • Acute hospital and specialist services
  • Increasing service productivity
  • Children and young people

Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP) Wider Devon

The latest draft of plans to reshape health and care services in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay by 2021 has been released.

The October 2016 submission for the wider Devon draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), as well as some additional documents, can be found viewed via the below links.

Healthwatch Devon are aware of the significance of the STP being enforced by NHS England and the time frame for the plan to be produced.

We are part of the STP National Group for Healthwatch England, which feeds into the national group for the STP for NHS England.

We have also been attending the joint STP Clinical Cabinet meeting for Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and South Devon and Torbay CCG. The STP Clinical Cabinet is a high level strategic group made up of senior clinicians and managers from across Devon. Both CCGs are working closely together to transform and try to improve care across the county. The Clinical Cabinet discusses a whole range of services from community hospitals, primary care and the acute services configuration review.

Healthwatch Devon is part of the cabinet to ensure the patient voice is heard and represented throughout all the proposed changes across Devon.

Healthwatch Plymouth and Healthwatch Torbay are also represented on this group.