Find out how we have helped people to share their views and experiences of discharge from hospitals in Devon.


When people are leaving hospital or care, they should have somewhere safe to go, with transport, if necessary, to help them get there. And they – together with any relatives or carers – should feel that they have adequate support for their ongoing care.

During 2014, Healthwatch England launched a special inquiry into people’s experiences of leaving hospital and care. We wanted to give Devon residents the opportunity to voice their own opinions and experiences.

This report sets out what you told us.

What we did

We carried out a short survey, asking people with recent experience of leaving hospital or care:

  • How happy they were with the discharge, and with any follow on support
  • What did or did not work for them
  • What improvements they thought could be made to the discharge process

Speaking out on leaving hospitalOur findings

Over 300 people told us about their experiences. The top issues were:

  • Timeliness: Particularly delays with medication, transport home, care assessments and setting up care at home.
  • Aftercare: 1 in 3 respondents spoke negatively about the quality of care after leaving hospital.
  • Communication: Over a quarter of respondents were concerned that health and care professionals did not communicate well with one another.Speaking out on leaving hospital report

When asked what could improve the experience of leaving hospital, the biggest single suggestion was “co-ordination of care between hospital and home”.

Read our 4 page summary.

Follow up

We have used our powers under Section 221 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 to send formal recommendations to relevant providers and commissioners.

Check out our report summary  or read our full Then What? report.

Read the Safely Home report from Healthwatch England.

See how the issues were reported on Channel 4 News.

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