Reflective Audit 2015

Reflective Audit 2015

Find out how what people said about Healthwatch Devon and the services we offer.


We think that Healthwatch Devon should be listening carefully to what people think about our own service. So during March 2015, we asked our members and supporters, plus commissioners and providers of health and care services, to give us their views.

Our audit findings

Over 100 people came back to us to tell us what we are doing well, and what we could be doing better.

The good news is that on balance, people consider that we are effective in what we do. For every single aspect of our remit, more people rated us as “Quite effective” or “Very effective” than rated us as “Quite ineffective” or “Completely ineffective”.

We had praise for the quality of our communications, and good feedback about our inclusiveness. And some respondents, recognising that we are still a relatively new organisation (just under two years old at the time of the audit) commented that we had made a good start.

The responses have also given us plenty of food for thought. It is noticeable that for three of our key questions, “Not Sure” was the biggest single answer. Sometimes this was because people felt genuinely unable to judge. But there was also an undercurrent of lack of confidence in the system. Some people were appreciative of our work, but were not convinced that health service managers were listening.

As far as “room for improvement” is concerned, there were many different views and suggestions. These are reflected in the “Learning Points” set out in our report, along with some initial thoughts on how we might respond.

Follow up

Our next steps will be to develop a simple action plan, and to start putting necessary improvements in place. Those improvements will be reported on a regular basis to the Healthwatch Devon Board and our commissioners, and will also be flagged up to our wider audiences though our bulletins, website and newsletters.

We will run a further Reflective Audit next year, to check back with our stakeholders, and see how the impression of our service is developing.

Read the Reflective Audit here.

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