The birth of a child is a wonderful moment for any family.  And new parents expect the best possible care for their new arrival, especially in those early days.

In Devon, NHS managers are telling us that maternity, paediatric and neonatal services are under pressure.  A review has begun, and your help is needed to shape options for the future.

Maternity Services

Why are maternity, paediatric and neonatal services under review?

All sorts of health services are being looked at as part of a Devon-wide plan to rethink how services are provided.  All across England at the moment, NHS managers are being told to come up with plans like these.  Devon is no exception.

The review of maternity, paediatric and neonatal services is led by Dr Rob Dyer, Medical Director for the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.  He said “These services are vulnerable because if we don’t do something to change the way we work in those specialities we are going to have real problems”.*

At public meetings taking place this month he is highlighting the challenges they are facing including:

Challenges facing Devon's Maternity Services

Challenges facing Devon’s Maternity Services

NHS managers need to tackle these challenges.  And they want your help in deciding how.

What will happen during the review?

At this stage, there are no firm proposals for service change.  But NHS managers are looking at options for change, and want to hear from patients and the public.

There are twelve “discussion events” being held in different parts of Devon throughout March.  Public feedback will be used to help NHS managers firm up their proposals for how services might change.

Miles Sibley, Executive Director of Healthwatch Devon says “New mothers and fathers know a lot about maternity services in Devon.  They know what works – and what doesn’t – from the patients point of view, and NHS managers need to hear that.  People with babies and toddlers may find it hard to get to public meetings, but they can contact us by phone or e-mail as well if they want”.

Further details of meeting dates and places are here.  To register to guarantee your place, call: 01392 267 642 or e-mail:

Even if you can’t get to the meetings, you can share your views (anonymously if you want) by using our feedback form or calling us on 0800 520 0640.

Feedback Form
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In 2017 we will see further consultation from Devon NHS organisations as work continues on the Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).  Keep an eye on our website or sign up for our monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine if you want to be kept informed.

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