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Individuals who have been advised to shield during the COVID-19 pandemic have had to make significant changes to their lifestyles. As shielding is at an end for the moment we are interested in hearing about how COVID-19 has affected you and what your experience of shielding has been. 

What has changed?

The guidance for the clinically extremely vulnerable is that shielding has been paused. This means:

  • you do not need to follow previous shielding advice
  • you can go to work as long as the workplace is Covid-secure, but should carry on working from home wherever possible
  • clinically extremely vulnerable children should attend education settings in line with the wider guidance on reopening of schools and guidance for full opening: special schools and other specialist settings
  • you can go outside as much as you like but you should still try to keep your overall social interactions low
  • you can visit businesses, such as supermarkets, pubs and shops, while keeping 2 metres away from others wherever possible or 1 metre, plus other precautions
  • you should continue to wash your hands carefully and more frequently than usual and that you maintain thorough cleaning of frequently touched areas in your home and/or workspace
  • you will no longer receive free food parcels, medicine deliveries and basic care from the National Shielding Service


You will still be able to get:

  • local volunteer support by contacting your local authority
  • prescriptions, essential items and food you buy delivered by NHS Volunteer Responders
  • priority slots for supermarket deliveries (if you previously registered for free food parcels)


Please find the full government guidance here.


Tell us your story

We would be grateful to hear about your views in our short survey. The aim of our survey is to:
  • Find out how people coped during shielding
  • Find out what are the concerns coming out of shielding


Perhaps you felt you didn’t receive enough support, or you have concerns now that we are approaching winter. Perhaps you are caring for someone and feel that it is too early to come out of shielding.

Equally, we would like to hear about what did work for you, or the person you support, while shielding. You could tell us about a service that was significantly helpful during this time.


Click here to fill out our survey

Survey ends 11th September.


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