What to do if you provide support to a family member

If you provide support to a family member

This is a particularly concerning and uncertain time for carers, especially those currently self-isolating or otherwise remaining indoors as required.

There is support available to you as a carer in Devon.

We are asking everyone right now to have a plan. Have answers to how you would cope if the relative you care for normally has a care worker visit them, and that care worker suddenly is unable to visit; have you got extra provisions and enough medication to cover any delays?

Devon Carers provides a range of support to carers – please give them a call – further details below. They are developing a ‘what if’ emergency planning guide to help carers work out the answers. It will be available on their website soon. You can also contact the Devon Carers helpline on 03456 434 435 to request a copy.

If you have a question about the care that you or your relative is receiving from a care agency, about your visits or the use of protective clothing perhaps, please ask your care agency. If that does not answer it sufficiently, contact Devon County Council Care Direct on 0345 1551 007.

Similarly, if you think that you or your relative has contracted the virus, we will do all we can to ensure that you and the person you care for will receive the care you need to stay safe and as well as possible. Please call Devon County Council Care Direct on 0345 1551 007.

Devon Carers

Devon Carers is commissioned by Devon County Council to provide support to all carers in Devon. You do not need to be known to or registered with Devon Carers to visit their website or to contact them. They will want to help and support you.

  • You are a carer if you are supporting an adult family member or friend who could not do without your help.
  • If you are a carer, do consider registering with them as it will mean that you can access other services

Devon Carers has services and information to support carers during this time. This includes commonly asked questions that carers have asked, with answers. They also have some videos with advice on how to protect yourselves from coronavirus.

Devon Carers can be contacted via the Devon Carers website or by calling their helpline 03456 434 435.

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