Video appointments keep services running in North Devon

Video appointment software has helped Northern Devon Healthcare Trust (NDHT) to carry on providing many of their services during the coronavirus pandemic. Patients have been having secure video appointments through their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The work done last year by the rheumatology team to introduce virtual video appointments meant they were in a good position to roll this out further. Now 70 teams across the Trust are using the video appointment software and we have held over 1,000 video appointments.

Amidst all the work being done to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic, NDHT also received some fantastic news – their rheumatology team won a national award for its work to pioneer virtual video appointments. The team won the Best Practice Award from the British Society for Rheumatology.

Dr Stuart Kyle, rheumatology consultant, using the video appointment software

More information, including an interview with one of our patients involved in the rheumatology pilot, is here:

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