Monday 7th September is the start of #OrganDonationWeek! A great time to make, record and share your organ donation decision.

Organ Donation Week is kicking off early this year with a feature on the BBC ‘Sunday Live’ show on 6th September – don’t miss it!

Every day in the UK, someone dies waiting for an organ transplant. To enable more people to save more lives, the law around organ donation changed in May of this year. To find out more and to make your decision visit:

The need for more black, Asian and minority ethnic living organ donors

A third of those waiting for a kidney transplant in the UK are from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Generally, these patients wait significantly longer for a kidney transplant than white patients if they are fortunate enough to receive an organ from a donor. Sadly, many will die waiting.

People from black and Asian communities are more likely to develop conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and certain forms of hepatitis than white people. This makes them more likely to need a transplant. Although many black and Asian patients can receive a transplant from a white donor, for many the best match will come from a donor from the same ethnic background.

While some people with a black or Asian background go on to donate when they die each year, this is not enough to meet the needs of all patients waiting for a transplant from those communities.

You could help improve the chances of black and Asian patients getting the transplant they need by volunteering as a living donor to someone waiting for a kidney or liver transplant. Find out more.

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