NDHT improves performance in national patient survey

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (NDHT) is extremely pleased to have received improved results in the latest Care Quality Commission national inpatient survey, released today.


In total, 633 Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust inpatients responded to the survey and the response rate for NDHT was 53.1%


In particular, NDHT’s performance improved significantly on two questions:

  • In your opinion, were there enough nurses on duty to care for you in hospital?

While in hospital, did you ever share a sleeping area, for example a room or bay, with patients of the opposite sex?

Other areas in which NDHT improved included:

  • When you had important questions to ask a nurse, did you get answers that you could understand?
  • Did you know which nurse was in charge of looking after you (this would have been a different person after each shift change)?
  • Did the hospital staff explain the reasons for being moved in a way you could understand?


Results were better than most trusts for eight questions. There were no areas in which NDHT was worse than most other trusts. NDHT’s results were about the same as other trusts for 55 questions. Overall, NDHT’s overall score was in the top 20% of trusts included in the survey.


Suzanne Tracey, NDHT chief executive, said: “We are extremely pleased with these results. It is particularly gratifying to have improved in two very important areas, both of which relate directly to the wellbeing and dignity of patients. It is a testament to the hard work of our staff that these improvements have been recognised.”


You can read the full survey results at:

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