Gynae Cancer Awareness Month – Go Red!

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, and The Eve Appeal want you to join them and Go Red for all the right reasons.

Through September The Eve Appeal runs a national campaign, Go Red, and this year they are raising awareness of key red flag symptom- abnormal bleeding. Their Go Red survey (a Freeda Media poll) found that 80% of women wouldn’t get an unexpected vaginal bleed checked out immediately, which could be a sign of three of the five gynae cancers- womb, cervical or vaginal cancer.

Together these three cancers affect 12,750 women each and every year. Picking up on the early signs and symptoms of these diseases is critical in getting as early as a diagnosis as possible and having the best possible outcome. To do that you first need to know your normal, so that you can spot when something becomes abnormal and seek medical attention.

For Gynae Cancer Awareness Month 2020, Eve has developed a set of tips, which have been approved by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, to help women track their periods and vaginal bleeding in a way which will help them spot when something is wrong. Join them and Go Red for all the right reasons this September, Go Red so that every woman knows her normal and gets bleeding checked. Click here to read our tips for tracking your bleeding, and sign up to Go Red.



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