Coronavirus: Devon survivors share heartfelt messages of thanks for life-saving NHS

Covid-19 survivors in Devon shared their messages of hope and appreciation. Credit: ITV West Country

West Country coronavirus survivors have shared their heartfelt messages of thanks to the life-saving NHS as they recover from the virus.

After allowing ITV West Country to follow their frightening experiences of Covid-19, we asked our local survivors to update us on their progress.

As you might be able to guess, every single one of them emotionally thanked the NHS for saving their lives.

Jess shared this photo with her social media followers of the moment she was able to see her children again. Credit: Jess Marchbank

Jess Marchbank’s coronavirus story
Jess had no underlying health conditions when she contracted coronavirus and was one of the first patients to be treated for it at North Devon District Hospital.

The 32-year-old mother-of-two told ITV West Country how the virus “came on in an instant” and left her in agonising pain.

Although not yet fully recovered, Jess is back at home and able to spend quality time with her husband and children. She described the care she received from the NHS as “second to none”.

Roger Bourgein – treated at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Credit: ITV West Country

Exmouth’s town crier Roger Bourgein’s coronavirus story
Roger, was admitted to Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital intensive care where he was treated for the virus.

At his worst Roger was in the intensive care unit and unable to eat, drink, or see family members.

Even when talking to us from hospital, though, he was upbeat and optimistic.

He said: “It’s a funny old virus you know. It sneaks itself around your body. I was just very ill and I’m not very ill now. Which is amazing.”

WATCH: Devon coronavirus survivors thank life-saving NHS

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