Moretonhampstead Youth Engagement Report

Healthwatch Devon, via the Engagement Gateway , was asked to gather the views of local young people about the proposed development of a Community Wellbeing Hub at the Moretonhampstead Community Hospital site. Through engagement work hearing the views of young people, their perceived priority health and social care needs were identified.

This report presents the findings from activities carried out by Healthwatch Devon in November /December 2014 and August 2015. 117 young people connected with Moretonhampstead participated in this engagement work.

From this we are able to identify the key messages for the future delivery of the hub to ensure it is relevant to, and valued by, local young people.

Key Findings
A total of 117 young people from Moretonhampstead took part in the engagement. A complete data set from the questionnaire and workshop engagement is presented in Appendix 1 or the full report. Here some key findings are outlined:

  • The doctor was the most likely place young people would go for help regarding their health
  • A pharmacy/chemist was also a popular choice
  • Mental health conditions (Depression/Anxiety and Self harm) were identified as the most important health issues for older teens
  •  Sports clubs and the local leisure centre are the most popular places for young people to play sport and relax
  • Ball pits, gym and some sort of skate park/half pipe are the most popular choices for the type of services children would like to see at the hub

Read the Full Report
You can download the full report here, or if you’d like a printed copy, please contact us.


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