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Healthwatch Devon is the independent champion for people using health and care services. We listen to what people like about services and what could be improved and share those views with those with the power to make change happen.

Healthwatch Devon is all about local voices being able to influence the design and delivery of local services. Not just people who use them, but anyone who might need to in the future.

Our mission is to gather, publicise and escalate views about people’s experience of health & social care services in Devon, in order to inform and improve the access to and experience of health and social care.

Our vision is for everyone, everywhere, to have the information they need about the health and social care experience in Devon which will be used to choose, deliver, plan and monitor high quality services.

We believe the best way to achieve this is to work in partnership with community groups like yours in order to grow a stronger voice, together.

The main things we want to achieve over the next few years are to:

  • Build new partnerships so we can reach more people and increase data sharing.
  • Reach more people in urban and rural communities, online communities and unheard voices.
  • Build the biggest and best evidence base of people’s experience of services in Devon.
  • Encourage continuing feedback by showing that the evidence we collect is listened to and has a positive impact on shaping services.
  • Give information and offer support about services, and signpost to other support services so people can make informed choices

Benefits of becoming part of the Healthwatch Hub network
Healthwatch Hubs will:

  • Feature on our website as a Healthwatch Hub
  • Receive a Healthwatch Hub toolkit and welcome pack
  • Qualify to become a member of Healthwatch Devon
  • Be invited to our Annual General Meeting and other events we hold
  • Receive our Healthwatch Voices magazine and regular newsletters
  • Help us to be a stronger local voice
  • Be invited to take part in polls and surveys
  • Receive regular social media posts for sharing with your network
  • Be invited to join our closed Facebook community group Healthwatch Voices


Healthwatch Hubs 
A Healthwatch Hub is the formal name given to a new or existing community group that has agreed to sign up to our information network and act as a communication channel.

Some examples of community groups which may wish to become a Hub are:
• Support groups
• School Councils
• Parent groups
• Committees
• Sports groups

This list is by no means exclusive and we would love to work with any local community groups interested in sharing their experiences of health and social care.

Who has already joined the Healthwatch Hub – find out here

Bringing health and social care into your meetings
We will provide your group with information to distribute between you, highlighting how Healthwatch Devon work and how your role will be beneficial to ourselves and the local community. Any projects that we are working on will be filtered out to our hubs to ask for their input or feedback surrounding these specific areas- this may include surveys or ‘Have your say’ forms.
Some groups may wish to be more actively involved than others, and this may depends on how often you meet (although a minimum of 4 meetings a year is required). It is up to you if you wish to include Healthwatch as an item on your agenda or whether you’d rather simply distribute any relevant information we send your way or just encourage members to join our mailing list.

Identifying a Healthwatch Hub Lead
A Healthwatch Hub Lead will be the key contact between Healthwatch Devon and the Hub. Their role will be to feedback to Healthwatch Devon on items raised in discussions; share information from Healthwatch Devon with their Hub and facilitate discussions around health and social care.

The Hub Lead should be confident in bringing up items for discussion, asking questions to gather peoples opinions and have a good understanding of Healthwatch Devon and the work we do. They must also be able to listen to the group and feed this information back to us.

The Hub may wish to put forward a Hub Lead or people may wish to volunteer as a Hub Lead and later form/join a Hub. Please see our website for more information on this volunteering role.

Recording discussions
In order to help us understand what services are working and what people would like to see change in the local community it is useful for us to see the full picture. This is why it is important that any key points raised are fed back to Healthwatch Devon so we are able to influence change and input this into any relevant projects we are working on. If there is a common theme (hot topic) in Hub discussions it may that we focus on this area for a future project.

Each Healthwatch Hub will be provided with ‘Have your say’ forms and any necessary surveys in order to ensure all information is recorded. We are also able to provide you with a ‘Discussion Feedback Template’ if you will find this helpful in recording general discussion points. These forms will then be fed back by the Hub Lead to the Healthwatch Devon team who will in turn record the comments and feedback to your group.

We are also encouraging members to share their experiences online in our private Facebook group called Healthwatch Voices.

How your feedback will be useful
Feedback provided to us will be used (confidentially) to feed into reports which inform health service managers decisions and improve services. Specific feedback gathered through surveys and questionnaires etc. will be used to shape our project work and Hot Topic areas. We value all feedback we receive from all individuals and use it to feed into meetings such as Citizens Assembly, Care Quality Monitoring and Devon’s Health and Well being Board – Quality Care Monitoring.

Provider Network Meetings and Healthwatch Events
In the future we will be hosting Provider Network meetings in each district. Hub Leads will be invited to get together to discuss local health and social care issues and share members experiences about how changes have affected them, positive or negative.

Alongside these meetings, we would like to host Healthwatch Events where Hubs and local groups are invited to have a stand and promote themselves to members of the public. This is our way of giving back to Hubs who provide important feedback and information- Healthwatch Hubs will also feature on our website.

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