A new free self-care service in Devon for public and patients

Recently the new ‘HealthUnlocked’ service won an NHS innovation award presented by the NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh and we are the first region in the UK to try out this self care signposting service.

It’s designed to open up a network of self-care support to anyone in South Devon, starting with people living with a long term condition.

You can use the HealthUnlocked Local widget below to enter a health condition and location and find out what is there for you.

HealthUnlocked Local signposts people to useful self-care services based on their condition and location:

  • any Clinical Commissioning Group-approved self-care services for their condition in their area
  • any peer support communities moderated by patient organisations (e.g British Lung Foundation)
  • the most helpful general blog posts written by patients about that condition
  • top NHS Choices posts about living that condition

From the recommendations people can choose the services they want to explore and get ongoing self-management support. Try it out below!