Enter and View Report, December 2018

“Happy with the home and their family support. Dentist and Doctor comes into the home.

They want to keep going and getting better.”

 -A Resident of the Elmwood Care home

What is Enter and View?

Part of the Healthwatch Devon programme is to carry out Enter and View visits. Local Healthwatch representatives carry out these visits to health and social care services to find out how they are being run and make recommendations where there are areas for improvement. The Health and Social Care Act allows local Healthwatch authorised representatives to observe service delivery and talk to service users, their families and carers on premises such as hospitals, residential homes, GP practices, dental surgeries, optometrists and pharmacies. Enter and View visits can happen if people tell us there is a problem with a service but, equally, they can occur when services have a good reputation – so we can learn about and share examples of what they do well from the perspective of people who experience the service first hand.


Healthwatch Enter and Views are not intended to specifically identify safeguarding issues. However, if safeguarding concerns arise during a visit, they are reported in accordance with Healthwatch Devon safeguarding policies. If at any time an authorised representative observes anything that they feel uncomfortable about they will inform their lead who will inform the service manager, ending the visit.

In addition, if any member of staff wishes to raise a safeguarding issue about their employer they will be directed to the Care Quality Commission where they are protected by legislation if they raise a concern.

Visit to Elmwood Residential Care Home

Purpose of the Visit

  • To explore with the people who use the service, what good care means to them
  • Identify examples of good working practice
  • Capture the experience of residents and relatives and any ideas they may

have for change.

  • To look at how the residents and staff feel that the activities provided by the home satisfy their needs.

Read the full report here

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