STP – A Sustainability and Transformation Partnership for Devon

Why do you need to know about this?

Local health services are changing, and it’s your right to be involved through public consultation.

When NHS managers are planning large-scale changes to services, they need to understand how patients and the public might be affected. We may all have different ideas about the services, but talking things through gives NHS managers a better chance of making good decisions.

The STP is about transforming our services so that we can achieve improved well-being, better health and better care for the populations we serve, as well as improved efficiency so that we can continue to offer the services that people need within the budget available.

Seven priority areas have been identified as key programmes of work:

  • Ill health prevention and early intervention
  • Integrated care model
  • Primary care
  • Mental health and learning disabilities
  • Acute hospital and specialist services
  • Increasing service productivity
  • Children and young people

It is important that you have your say and get involved when there is the opportunity to do so.

We’ll keep you informed of the opportunities to get involved.

To keep up to date with the latest about the STP please visit their website here


Latest public consultation from the STP:

Better for You, Better for Devon

‘People across Devon can help shape the future for health and care in the county by sharing their views as part of a major engagement programme this summer.

Complete short survey.

Devon is developing a local version of the national NHS Long Term Plan, called Better for you, Better for Devon. The plan will make sure we are fit for the future, providing high-quality care and better health outcomes for people and their families, through every stage of life.

Now here in Devon, we are starting an eight-week period of engagement (from 11 July to 5 September 2019) to develop our own Long Term Plan, Better for You, Better for Devon. The plan will focus on improving people’s health and mental health, and supporting people to stay well.

The challenges we face

Part of the conversation will centre on the big challenges we face, as these will influence the future of health and care:10
•  Medical advances mean people are living longer – something we celebrate. But people now often live with multiple illnesses, such as cancer, heart problems and type 2 diabetes. We need to ensure services can provide what they need
•  Preventable illnesses like type 2 diabetes are increasing, and the amount of time people live in good health has been decreasing since 2012
•  Vital health and care jobs remain unfilled – 1 in 10 nurse jobs and 1 in 12 social worker posts in Devon remain vacant as demand for services increase. There is a shortage of people to undertake these roles
•  There have been increases in NHS funding, but peoples’ needs for services are growing faster
•  Devon’s population is growing and is expected to rise by about 33,000 people – equivalent to the population of Exmouth – over the next five years.

Building on previous work

Better for You, Better for Devon builds on work we have previously done and will focus on real changes to how we support people.

This will see us strengthening prevention to support people to live healthier lives, supporting GP and community services to intervene early to support local people, enhancing services to help children, young people and adults needing mental health support, and having high-quality, efficient hospital services in the right place when people need them.

We will work more closely with voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, charities and the broader social care sector to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

How we are involving local people

To ensure we get really good detailed feedback, the majority of the engagement exercise will be delivered by local councils and NHS organisations, and will be based on local priorities. This will involve focus groups, face-to-face discussions and surveys.]

There will also be county-wide engagement using 1,700 members of the public who are part of our new Citizen’s Panel, surveys of GP practice participation groups (PPGs) and phone questionnaires with patients.

Complete our short survey.’


Devon STP – Top 10 Developments and Successes


Devon STP Plan – Two Year Report

‘The Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has been a positive catalyst for Devon. It has helped leaders build a collaborative, system approach to the NHS and local government.

After two years of work, Devon is now in a stronger position to further integrate services for the benefit of local people. The collective work by leaders has helped us tackle the historical challenges we have faced, with our financial and service performance improving.’

Download the full report here



The Case for Change

We want to enable local people to live independent lives, supported, when needed, by the best possible care, and to do this we have to make some very important changes.

These challenges are real. And although NHS staff work incredibly hard, they cannot maintain the current level of service whilst these pressures increase. If services stay as they are, our NHS will keep getting into more and more debt.

If we want to continue receiving high-quality care in future – we have to accept that our services need to change.

You can read more about the ‘Case for Change’ here 


For general enquiries relating to the STP, please contact NEW Devon CCG:

For press office enquiries: please contact Sarah Hyde on 01392 267647 or

For enquiries relating to your local area please visit the STP website here

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