Most of us rarely need specialist hospital care.  But it’s important that when we do need it, we are able to access a safe and quality service.

Devon’s acute hospital services are currently under discussion as part of a wider plan to change health and care services. Here we explain what you need to know about the ‘Acute Services Review

Acute Services Review

What is an ‘acute service’ and why are they being reviewed?

An acute service is a type of specialist care you are likely to receive in a hospital. It tends to be short term or emergency treatment, as opposed to care for a long term medical condition.

There are 3 services in particular which have been identified by NHS managers as needing review.  These are:

  • Stroke services
  • Maternity, paediatric and neonatal services
  • Urgent and emergency care services.

The review is being carried out as part of what is known as the Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). Learn more about STP’s in this NHS England film.

These services have been selected for review for a number of reasons:

Reasons for the Acute Services Review

Now’s the time to have your say on these services

At this stage, there are no firm proposals for service change.  But NHS managers are looking at options for change, and want to hear from patients and the public.

There are twelve “discussion events” being held in different parts of Devon throughout March 2017.  These are your opportunity to say what matters to you about the services under review.  Public feedback will be used to help NHS managers firm up their proposals for how services might change.

Miles Sibley, Executive Director of Healthwatch Devon says “These service reviews are starting right now – but NHS managers have not yet made up their minds on how services might be changed.  They’ll be taking advice on things like location of premises, availability of specialist staff, and cost.  But they also need to hear from people who – as patients – have recent experience of stroke services, maternity services and urgent and emergency care.  If you have recent experience of any of these services, it’s important that you have your say.”

If you have an interest in stroke, maternity or urgent and emergency care services, now is the time to find out why they are being looked at, and to have your say.

Demand for the events is likely to be high, so the organisers are asking people to register to be sure of getting in.  Further details of dates and places are here.  To register to guarantee your place, call: 01392 267 642 or e-mail:

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Have your say on health and care services

You can share your views on any health or care service at any time (and anonymously if you want to).  You can use our feedback form or call us on 0800 520 0640.

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Keep informed

In 2017 we will see further consultation from Devon NHS organisations as work continues on the Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).  Keep an eye on our website or sign up for our monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine if you want to be kept informed.

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