COVID-19 – Other Useful Links

Below you will find some useful related to the virus from various different trusted sources.


Frequently asked questions related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Signhealth Information

Signed information on coronavirus (COVID-19) for hard of hearing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Myth Busters

Information dispelling myths on the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Covid-19: Our answers to your questions

We asked people to share their views about how the pandemic affected them, both physically and mentally. We also asked about how access to services and care had been affected.

Over 200 people informed us of what they wanted to know that wasn’t covered in government advice. The following page is our advice to you.

Blog about contact tracing

Information on contact tracing, what it is, and how it’s useful.

Blog about self isolation

Information on how self isolation is important and needs to self isolate.