Active Devon is a community focused, not for profit organisation inspiring and supporting the people of Devon to lead active lifestyles. Active Devon’s’ strategy revolves around increasing physical activity rates across Devon, and targeting various under represented groups in terms of exercise provision.

Big Devon March is an active workplace and commuting initiative we are planning to run for the month of March 2019. It will involve signing up as an individual on our website, once signed up, individuals can form teams within their workplace. The point is to collect steps, using whatever device they want (pedometer, Iphone, FitBit etc) and upload those steps either daily/weekly. There will of course be ‘winners’ but we’d like to provide incentives for taking part, e.g. every 50,000 steps etc. Their individual/team/company score will be an average of their combined steps. We want to encourage friendly competition, but more so, give individuals a way of becoming more active in their work life.


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