Our Vision & Values

Local health and social care that is accessible and equitable for everyone…

– Accountability to local people
– Empowerment.
– Equality, diversity, and inclusion.
– Accessible for all.
– Objectivity and independence.
– Empathy without judgement.
– Evidence-based.
– Collaborative.
– Transparency and openness.
– Think corporate and act local.

  • To provide accurate information about local services.
  • To engage all communities to share information, capture feedback and empower people to have their say.
  • To share honest feedback to influence change and improve standards.
  • To help make people aware of their rights, make a complaint and seek resolution.
  • To share knowledge and strengthen local networks.
  • The chance to hear about our work and what we have achieved.
  • The opportunity to contribute to our work and gain new skills and experiences through volunteering.
  • To provide honest feedback to help identify what is working well and what needs to be improved.
  • To help identify gaps in service provision based on feedback.
  • To ensure local people are considered and consulted in all aspects of commissioning, service development and delivery.
  • To help identify and share best practice.
  • A partnership based on mutual respect and understanding.