We want to know more about your experience of mental health support when planning to get pregnant, during pregnancy, at the birth of your child and afterwards.
Having a baby is one of the biggest life choices you can make. This can affect both the person who is giving birth and their partner’s mental health.

As many as one in five pregnant women and new mums experience some form of mental health challenge. Partners can also be affected, with one charity estimating that 1 in 3 new dads are concerned about their mental health.

Why we want your views
The NHS is spending more money to treat more new mums needing mental health support but we want to know if people are getting the support they want and whether the extra money being spent is enough to meet demand.

Existing research has shown how important it is for mental health later in life that children are provided with a stable environment in which to grow up.

We currently do not have enough information about people’s experience of this issue and whether or not services are doing everything possible to support those who experience mental health challenges during or after pregnancy to ensure the whole family is supported.

How you can help
You can help make a health and care services better by sharing your story. If you are someone who is currently planning, are pregnant or have had a child in the last three years, please tell us your experiences by completing our survey.

Alternatively, you might know someone who is in this position or had an experience they might be interested in sharing.

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Find out more
Find out more about our multi-year project on mental health and what we plan to do on maternity mental health.

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