Devon Communities Together is an independent charity engaged in a wide range of projects, services and funding opportunities that support our vision of dynamic Devon communities shaping their own futures. We have over 55 years’ experience of community development work and a wealth of expertise in engaging with communities to help them resolve and progress the matters that are important to them.

Our focus is on inspiring, upskilling, training, supporting and advising groups and individuals within Devon’s communities to meet the challenges they face and achieve positive outcomes. We work with a broad range of people, from rural and coastal communities to more urban centres, but our work is always designed to help communities help themselves.
What is LOVE Devon?
LOVE Devon is a campaign that celebrates what’s great about our amazing county and works to raise money to support the communities living and working in it.
Devon Communities Together is a charity and our work is diverse and widespread, but whatever we are working on and whoever we are working with, all you need to remember is that we do it because we LOVE Devon.
LOVE Devon is a great way for the general public to get involved with our work and help us do even more. It is about people like you, people who are passionate about Devon, and there are many ways you can get involved.

Visit our website for more information.

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